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Looking for a video production company that provides professional, creative, on time and on budget video production services for its clients? Welcome to Vandem Productions Films. With over 6 years of experience in high definition, digital media production, we have produced hundreds of videos for clients just like you. Our clients are companies, agencies, nonprofits, authors, education, marketing services, and much more. Our Founder, Levon Hinton studied telecommunications while serving in the United States Marine Corps. In 2007 he started a video production company and produced 70, 30 minute TV shows, several documentaries some of which were sold in national retailers, contributed content that aired on national television networks, hundreds of online videos and several TV commercials, which have aired in Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina on Fox50.
Over the years, our specialty has become working closely with you the client, and developing custom video products, specially tailored to meet your needs.
Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, our talented team of professionals has the experience and the creativity to take your project from concept to creation.

How We Work

We pay close attention to our clients and we listen to gain a clear understanding of their objectives, goals, and ideas. We then translate these ideas into a visually stimulating, effective video product.

Video Production Services for All Budgets

Video is vital to your business, and video production services can get pricey.  Here at VP Films we’ve created a business module to provide video production services for all budgets.  We take pride in our videos, and we stand behind each production by hiring only well experienced cameramen, editors, writers, and crew to maintain professional production quality.  VP Films video products can be utilized by any business in multiple formats including Internet streaming, DVD and broadcast television.

To better serve our clients we’ve implemented a Name Your Budget process or you can request a more traditional quote for services.  The answer to the one question below will determine whether you should use our Name Your Budget process, or request us to work up an estimate for your project in the traditional way:

Do you have a specific concept in mind or script already written?

If your answer is yes, then either send us the script and/or storyboard or tell us about the specific requirements of your video and we’ll work up an estimate of what it’ll cost to produce your script or specific idea.

If the script/storyboard is not written yet, and maybe you prefer for us to write it for you, or if you do not have a clear idea about what will be in the video, then the best thing to do is: Design a budget that you are willing to spend.

If we have no specifics about your video, then we have no idea what we’re bidding on.

In order for us to deliver as much production value as possible, we either need to bid on the completed script or we need to know the specifics of the video you want produced or we need to know what the budget is and build from there.

For companies that need constant video production services, on an on-going basis, we offer a monthly subscription for our video shooting and editing services at reduced rates.

Here’s How to Submit Your Project:

1.)   Fill out the Contact form. Include in your message the requirements for your production; such as,

  • What will be filmed or the content of the video?
  • What is the length of the final product?
  • What format do you want it produced in (Standard Definition, High Definition)?
  •  Who is the target audience?
  •  How many hours of filming?
  •  What’s the number of locations to be filmed?

2.)   Include your budget for this video in your message.

3.)   After reviewing your request, we will contact you with questions to make sure we understand exactly what you’re looking for with your video production.

After reviewing your project, we will contact you with one of the following responses:

  1. We can produce your video with all your requirements at your stated budget and you can decide whether or not to hire us for the production of your video.
  2. We may need to reduce some of the requirements in order to produce your video for your stated budget, we will tell you which items need to be reduced/removed, for example, you request a celebrity spokesperson for your video but you may only have the budget for a professional on-camera actor, not as well known.
  3. If your video requirements are impossible to achieve with your stated budget, we will tell you what kind of video we can produce for your stated budget and what it will include. If your budget is not in line with the realities of what it cost to produce a video that includes all the requirements you’ve submitted, we will give you an option of what we can produce for your budget.

With our Name Your Budget video production service, you’re virtually guaranteed an option to have your video produced at whatever amount you’ve budgeted!  If your company is new to video production services, don’t worry because we have custom designed packages available as well.  If you need an itemized quote we will provide that for you too.  Your Vision is Our Vision.

Contact us to get started today!

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