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Choosing the right video production company in Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, Charlotte, Fayetteville, New Bern, Rocky Mount, Greenville North Carolina can be a challenge. Online video marketing has become increasingly popular, it is essential to choose the right video production company to communicate your company’s message.

A Few Tips When Choosing a Video Production Company:

Before you start on your video production there are a few things to keep in mind when you are choosing a video production company to ensure high quality work and excellent return on investment.(ROI)

1. Quality of Work

It is absolutely important that you check out the quality of the videos created by any production company that you are considering using. Don’t base your decision on “word of mouth” or a family member that has no clue about video marketing. Watching a video production company’s highlight reel is misleading because it only contains the best shots or frames that may not have been produced by that company, and that friend or family member may not know the difference between corporate videos for branding or a call to action videos.
Ask to see a full range of videos as this will give you an idea of the different styles and capabilities that the production company has to offer.
An example of a link to a portfolio page can be seen here at:

2. High Quality Footage

Videos are one of the most flexible marketing tools available. They can be used in a so many different ways – such as web, exhibitions, DVDs, smart devices etc. It is important to make sure that when your video production is filmed…..it is shot in the highest quality format possible within your budget.
Make sure that your production company, films your material in high definition as this means that your video footage will be future proof, can be displayed on large screens and look good on multiple platforms.

3. Videos Should Work with Marketing Strategy

For most companies a corporate video is not something that exists alone. It is part of a larger marketing strategy. When you choose your video production company make sure that you choose one that is forward thinking and can understand and contribute towards your future goals.
Integrate video with your social media. Check that the video production company is experienced in delivering video that works on social media sites such as Facebook, You Tube, Vimeo, DailyMotion etc.

4. Make Sure The Company Can Deliver

If you want to produce a corporate video, television commercial, television show, wedding video production in a timely matter, make sure that the video production company is in a position to deliver this, on time and on budget!

5. Your Vision is Our Vision

My philosophy with corporate video is that a video production company should become a natural extension of your business and team. It should feel as though if you have any video production requirements they are always at the end of an email or telephone call.
Ensure that you have a good strong working relationship between yourself and the video production company you choose to work with.

6. Don’t Ignore Smaller Video Production Companies

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses sometimes make is choosing a video production company based on their size. There have been situations where companies have paid thousands of dollars for simple videos when if they had used a smaller production company it would have cost them dramatically less money.
Larger companies often have higher overheads meaning higher production costs whereas smaller production companies have lower costs and are more flexible. If you chose to work with a smaller production company they will usually be so pleased to work with you that they normally go that extra mile!


Make sure that you have everything in writing with regards to proposals and quotes. One of the biggest complaints in the video production business are hidden costs that are sometimes lumped onto the final bill that you had not agreed initially.
Educate yourself on the terms of video production so that you will not get the wool pulled over your eyes when it comes to the costing of a job.
It would be good to get quotes in for video production work. Although be careful with this as you will often find lots of different price points for video production work and quality will vary accordingly. I would suggest that you don’t make price the deciding factor in who you choose to do your video production work….look at the whole package.

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Written By Levon Hinton, Executive Producer, Vandem Productions Films


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