Documentary Film Production

Vandem Productions Films is a Raleigh North Carolina based independent film, and video production company, that produces socially-minded documentary films, non-fiction film production, film for broadcast and video on demand content.

Our mission is to create powerful video content related to social issues, cultural, historical and environmental documentary films and to bring those films to as many people as possible.

We aim to produce films that affect people and push filmmakers to reach their potential of entertaining and educating their targeted audiences.

Documentary productions are managed by our team of experienced film & TV producers, directors and camera crews.

VP Films brings experience from working in a diverse range of projects, such as TV advertising, broadcast television show production, training/instructional DVDs, non-fiction documentaries, sports videos, musical documentaries and promotional videos, ensuring that VP Films understands how to develop documentary trailers to attract viewers from a wide spectrum of backgrounds.

Everyone has a story to tell so why let just any company help tell yours.


Choose Vandem Productions Films to produce your project.


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Sample of our documentary video production:


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