We’re proud to announce that Vandem Productions Films is producing the documentary film “Victims of Misfortune: Changing the Pecking Order”.

Victims of Misfortune is a feature-length, social change documentary that will give a historical and current look at America’s criminal justice system and the discriminatory policies that people with a criminal backgrounds face, post conviction/release.

Victims Of Misfortune will also take a closer look at America’s system of indentured servitude putting the practice in proper historical context. The United States has 5 percent of the world population, with around 25 percent of the world’s prisoners (over 2.4 million people behind bars). Nearly $70 billion is spent annually on probation/parole, prison and detention centers for immigration detainees. Once these people are released from prison or have a criminal record, they are then discriminated against for employment, housing, education, governmental benefits and some even deported.

The goal of Victims Of Misfortune, is to boldly confront the problems of America’s criminal justice system, immigration reform, public policies, the impact of prison labor on American workers and also provide valuable solutions to those people who are being discriminated against. This feature-length documentary will be avail­able for use in order to raise consciousness and organize for reform.

Victims of Misfortune will be directed by filmmaker, Levon Hinton. Mr. Hinton has combined over 17 years of research studying incarceration and public policies as it relates to people with criminal records. Over the last several years, Mr. Hinton has produced or contributed to several documentaries relating to celebrities, hip hop culture and he has even contributed content to Brave New Films documentary: Koch Brothers Exposed directed by Robert Greenwald.

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Expected Release Date: Jan 2015

Production Credits:

Director/Filmmaker: Levon Hinton
Video Production by: Vandem Productions Films
Music by: Mike Sea
Voice Over by: Jazzbassman


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