North Carolina Central University(NCCU) | Durham NC- In the 90’s, HBCU campuses were focal points for tens of thousands of Black youth all over the nation. It was the golden era of hip hop and the powerful message of mc’s helped to guided millions of our people out of the darkness and into the light. As a result many found themselves at black colleges. With most of these universities located in the south, high school grads made their pilgrimage to land and realities unknown, leaving behind friends, family and the environment that shaped them, with hopes of a better future and a college degree.
This book depicts the lives of three young men from New York who undergo a series of trials, learning experiences, and rites of passage as they struggle to find their way in a small southern town. You will discover the great times along with the dark side of life on and off the black college campus. We will expose the reader to the drugs, crime, student loan pimping, disloyalty, Freaknik, date rape and so much more.
After 20 years of brotherhood, these men, now fathers and husbands reunite to relive their college experience with hopes of exposing the pitfalls and traps laid for our people to fail, particularly young black men. It serves as a guide to parents and students alike, who will certainly find entertainment and lessons walking on every page.
Authors: Brian Liles
Sekou Gargonnu
Kaleb Muhammad
Video Production by: Vandem Productions Films (
Video Edited by: Levon Hinton
Music Provided by:
Brian Liles
Ablaze Jackson

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