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Raleigh Video Production – Website Videos for Small Businesses and Organizations
written by Levon Hinton, Executive Producer

Looking for high definition video production services for your company’s website?
Vandem Productions Films can help!
No matter what industry, well executed corporate video production services can help you gain more web traffic, and convert more users into buyers, not to mention it works wonders on growing your social media networks.
Vandem Productions Films offers video production services in Charlotte, Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Durham, Rocky Mount, Greenville, New Bern, Jacksonville, Wilmington, Fayetteville, and Raleigh North Carolina.
We also provide services nationwide. Below are just some benefits of our corporate video production services:

1. Increase Website Rankings

Small Businesses that rely on search engine rankings/results, know the importance of landing on the front page. Google gives higher rankings to website pages that have videos embedded.

If I upload my company’s video on our website can you guarantee a first page placement?

Nothing is in place to guarantee a first page search result by just adding a video to your site. Your business will need to develop a strategy for online to better ensure your site the best possible listing. Note: Your corporate videos will need to be properly optimized to achieve their full potential. There are, however, solid web strategies you can apply to ensure your site the best listing possible.

2. Visitors Will Spend More Time On Your Company’s Website

Most visitors prefer videos over text. By 2015 70% of everything online will be associated with video. Website videos give your visitors a reason to stay on the page.
Google considers the time visitors spend on a site as an indicator of a website’s quality; improving that time, means improving your search engine rank.

3. Video is More Effective at Showcasing Your Company’s Services and/or Products

There is nothing that allows you to tell your story or demo your product, in a memorable way, than high definition video production. Video will hold a viewers attention on your website longer than text. Not to mention the possibility of demonstrating your product in its environment, this enables you, to educate your visitor on how to make a smarter buying decision. This distances you from your competition.

4. Video Boosts Sales

As internet speeds continue to rise and mobile web usage devices continues to grow, total video traffic increases. If your business is dependent on your website, video is a great way to improve the quality of your site, increase potential leads and sales. It’s also a valuable branding tool to separate you from you competitors.
Do you need effective, professional, and creative high definition video production services for your company’s website?
Let Vandem Productions Films assist you.
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