Wedding videos are a keepsake, that highlights your special day, and in order to do this it takes experienced videographers with professional equipment and a professional staff.
There are many things to look for in a wedding videographer but the critical factor is experience.

Below are 7 factors to consider when choosing a wedding videographer in Raleigh North Carolina:

1. Ask For Demos

Whenever you are considering a wedding videographer always ask for a demonstration of their work. If they can’t provide a demo for you then don’t us them!
Most wedding videographers upload trailers on popular sites like Youtube or Vimeo. A very well experienced videographer with a variety of different samples should be your choice along with other factors of course.

2. Professional Cameras & Equipment

Before you book a wedding videographer check to see what kind of equipment they are filming with. A good suggestion is to always choose the wedding packages with 2 videographers (2 cameras). Reason is this is a live event and there are no retakes. Two cameras will allow for a better selection of shots and drastically reduce the chance of missing any important moments. Why put your special day in the hands of amateurs?

3. Communication Skills

The videographer should be able to get on with people and communicate well. Effective communication is important to make the day run smoothly, as well as making sure that everyone knows what to do and what to expect in relation to the video.
Videographers need to work with both guests and other professionals at the wedding ceremony.

4. Filming Techniques

Different videographers have different techniques of filming. Make sure that the technique you’re expecting can be delivered by the videographer.

5. Video Editing

Video editing is very important. Professional quality editing will make a BIG difference. Ask these questions:
• How long will the final video product be?
• Can you have more than one version, i.e.. a full version and 5-minute highlights reel?
• What kind of motion graphics, i.e. titles, captions, etc will be added?
• Will the Wedding DVD have a title menu?
• Will wedding music be added? If so, what is the copyright situation?

Note: If your budget doesn’t permit a edited DVD of your wedding, still have it filmed, because you could always have the raw footage edited at a later date, when you can afford it.

6. Video Format

Ask what format the video will be shot and supplied in. We recommend that you ask for high-definition if at all possible. In the future, when everyone is used to watching high definition all the time, videos produced in standard definition will appear poor quality in comparison.

7. Price

Creating awesome wedding videos is an expensive business and professionals need to charge a lot of money to turn a fair profit. You should regard cheap quotes with suspicion.
Professional videography is usually at least as expensive as professional photography. Remembering that most videos require several days of skilled labor with expensive equipment, you can see why good video production costs a lot.


Choose the best wedding videographer you can afford. Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event, don’t trust that day to unprofessionals.

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Above wedding credits:
Levon Hinton, Wedding Videographer
Levon Hinton, Video Editor

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